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Tuesday, 18 June 2024
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HTML5 technology

From Flash Casinos to HTML5; What to Expect?

Kiwi casino players have taken to the mobile casino scene like a duck to water. No longer restricted to their desktop, they’ve embraced the updates. However, there’s been updates going on that many online and mobile casino gamers know nothing about. Most importantly, the departure from Flash casinos to a more feature-rich and secure platform, HTML5.

Many software providers saw the value of utilising HTML5 and left behind the outdated Flash casino. The availability of Flash casino and HTML5 means mobile casino gamers are able to fire up their device and play their favourite table and pokies games without downloads or disks.
You’re probably wondering, what relevance is this to me?

What Does Flash and HTML Mean?

Flash, commonly referred to as a Flash casino, is a platform add-on from Adobe. Flash runs multimedia programmes like audio and video. It appeared to suffice for quite some time, until concerns about the suitability for mobile casino arose. Many people were relying on alternative technologies in place of Flash.

You’ve probably heard of HTML. It stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It’s most common function is found in the development of websites. HTML5 was published in 2014 with a myriad of features that replicate Flash.
This HTML5 is a core component of the creation of a site, and not an add-on programme like Adobe’s Flash was.
Many software providers such as NetEnt have implemented HTML5 technology.

Weaknesses Found in Flash

Steve Jobs infamously published an article on Apple’s site, relaying his reasons for not utilising Flash in any of the Apple products. He labelled this piece, “Thoughts on Flash”.
Google, and many other web browsers, chose to boycott Flash.
Jobs main concern was with security. It had become a common occurrence for hackers and criminals to crack its vulnerabilities. Web providers could no longer ignore this fact.

Flash is a memory-hungry software. Because of this, older models found it difficult to support the software. Particularly, this meant chaos for mobile device batteries. Eventually, Adobe conceded and dropped Flash.

HTML5 Improves Gaming Experience

First and foremost, as mentioned above, switching to HTML5 means your device is saving energy. This means more time to play your favourite games and cash in on those casino bonuses!
Teamed with this, the new system is much more secure. This is because the middle man is gone, and the technology is built directly into the site. Now that it’s built into the browser, this means the game developer only needs to make one version. So, the game as a whole is compatible to desktop and mobile, freeing up our favourite developers to create more outstanding titles.

Out with the Old in with the New

Some of our favourite software providers such as NetEnt, are retracing their steps. They’re reworking their material so that it’s no longer Flash applicable. Too many threats were on the horizon with Flash, and so they chose to remove them for their iGamers sakes.
This is a long process, with NetEnts massive selection, but the majority of fan favourites have been translated to HTML5. You can rest assured, for the future, every mobile casino you play will be HTML5 coded.