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Tuesday, 18 June 2024
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Beginners Guide

Online Pokies Beginners GuideOur Online Pokies Beginners Guide is a must-read. We’ve compiled some tips and guides to get you started if you’re new to the world of online pokies or to help you up your game.


  • Pokies are one of New Zealand’s most popular casino games
  • Random number generators keep results random and fair
  • Progressive pokies jackpots offer life-changing prizes.


How Slots Work

First and Foremost, slot machines show an array of colourful symbols. A multitude of symbols could come up and if all the same symbols line up in a row once you pull the lever/press the button: Ding ding, you win! A certain number or row of symbols must match up horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win a prize. It’s this information our pokies beginners guide give you. 

Scatter Symbols

A scatter symbol is the key to unlocking fun bonus features and extra prizes in a pokies game. Unlike symbols and wild symbols which have to be matched up on a payline to win, the scatter can appear at any time on the reels to open up free spins, mini-games, or other bonuses. These symbols the highest value symbols in a pokies game and are generally represented by the main logo graphic of the particular game.

Wild Symbol

A wild symbol is just like the wildcard in a land casino. It can originate from any suit, colour, or value that a player needs to win a game.

If you get a scatter or wild symbol, it can help complete a row of symbols. Sometimes a scatter symbol could even win you an added bonus prize.


A payline is the line on which a payout or prize will be awarded based on winning or matching combinations.

History of the Pokies Game

The first slot machines called ‘Liberty Bells’ were built in the U.S.A. in 1885 by a car mechanic, named Charles Fey. This old-school contraption had three reels, seven symbols and a lever.

They were first legalised in New Zealand in 1991 but they had long been popular with our neighbours in Australia, arriving there in the early 1900’s.

Why are They Called Pokies?

In New Zealand, we picked up the term ‘pokies’ from the Aussies but everywhere else in the world knows them as slots or slot machines.

People believe the term ‘pokies’ gained popularity in Australasia with the advent of video poker machines in the ‘80’s.

Video Pokies

Until the 80’s, pokies were still simple machines–three reels, 3 or 5 paylines now they have features like video clips, side bets, wild symbols, scatter symbols, and even a few basic story-based pokies.

These had more paylines more variety and revolutionised the pokies industry in Australia and New Zealand and they reinvigorated the slots game in Australasia. They were a wild success and reinvigorated pokies in New Zealand, Australia and around the world.

Online Pokies

With the dotcom boom of the 1990’s and the legalisation of online gambling inn Antigua and Barbuda in 1994, the growth of the online gambling industry created a space for slot machines to be digitalised. The first online pokies game brought out by Microgaming was Thunderstruck which is still one of the most popular games available today. Since then, heaps of pokies games have since flooded the market and now it’s just a case of picking your favourite one to play online any time you want.

Count the Symbols

Count the amount of symbols the game uses for a safe bet.The more symbols a game has, the harder it’ll be to win. Logically, there’s more of you scoring the symbols you need when there is a smaller pool of symbols to get.

Work out how many Paylines you want

Playing with more paylines helps you to increase your chances of winning. However, the more paylines a game has, the more expensive it is to play. Deciding what your budget is is always a good strategy.

Look for Bonus Games

Extra Bonus games increase your chance of winning big, so games with these added extras are really fun. Similar to progressive jackpots you’ll always benefit from more chances to win more money.

Pokies Quick Tips

Just a few little things to remember, they might help you win or just not lose…

  • It doesn’t matter how fast you play, it won’t change when the game pays out.
  • Games that let you bet bigger will pay out bigger prizes.
  • Online pokies games don’t have hot or cold streaks, you have pretty much the same chances of winning with every spin.
  • There is no software on the market that beats a pokies machine, if you come across one, rest assured it’s a scam

Increase your Winnings

You can’t do much to influence the results of the pokies. It’s luck of the draw for any given spin. Although you can’t change whether or not you’ll win on a particular spin you can strategize the way you bet and on what machine or game you choose to play. Small factors can influence the outcome of the game and your chances of winning.

Use Free Money

Utilise the free money casinos offer to get you to sign up. Get some wins in without touching your bankroll and you’re off to a good start. Use sign up bonuses to your advantage.

Play Progressive Jackpot

You can’t count on a progressive jackpot as your dream ticket, they’re elusive at best. But they’re fun to play. When you play a progressive jackpot you have the chance to win additional prizes and the chance to win really really big.

Keep your Cool

Stay calm and bet wisely, just because you feel you’re on a hot streak betting big doesn’t mean winning big. Bet reasonably and you can continue playing longer. Losing your money right off the bat is no fun and should be avoided when spinning on the pokies.

Pokies Lingo

Pick up the pokies lingo and you’re off to a good start

Hit-a win at any value

Hold Percentage-The total of bets a pokies machine will hold back until paying out a win to a player.

Hit Frequency-The ratio of winning to losing spins of a given machine

Maximum Bet-The largest bet a machine will allow

Progressive Jackpot-A growing jackpot increased from all the players playing a machine, network or game.

Pay out-Winning payout for a given combination of symbols

Primary Jackpot-The biggest jackpot awarded on the pokies table at the machine.

Short Pay-A partial payment of a given jackpot

Pokies Tournaments

Fans of the pokies should definitely join some tournaments, they add a competitive edge to the excitement.

How they work?

Players get an equal amount of credits to play with at the start of the tournament. The goal is to earn as many credits as possible in an allotted time. The player with maximum credits when time up wins the jackpot. Tournaments can be open to hundreds of pokies players from anywhere in the world or you can play in smaller networks or local tournaments.

Anyone Can Join

You can join a tournament if you’re a pokies novice. Just makes sure you have the basics down. Pokies don’t require strategy and they’re entertaining which is why they’re one of New Zealanders favourite online games.

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