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The Biggest Online Casino Trends in 2018

online casino trendsThe Biggest Online Casino Trends in 2018

We made it through January and we’re well into the swing of 2018 now. So, we thought we’d take the chance to check out the biggest and best online casino trends for the year ahead.

  1. Live Games to Be One of the Biggest Online Casino Trends

If you’re a dedicated online casino gamer, you’ve probably had a go at live dealer games. If not, have a try! Gaming with live dealers became somewhat in demand last year. And, it’s just the beginning. The increasing popularity of live games is expected to increase this year. Developers are said to be creating games with even better functionality that are even more realistic. There’s even talk of opening new studios to broadcast some games in real-time mode. That means you could be playing a hand or two of poker right in the moment with the dealer.

  1. Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual reality is also gaining ground in the world of online gaming. Many online casinos have already introduced the technology into their resources. Overall, VR devices are popular and easy to use, making them an attractive addition to online gaming.

  1. Games of Skill

Chances are when you log into your player account, you’re not just relying on a bout of luck, but on your skills, too. Well, it’s a skill that’s inspired providers to develop platforms offering strategy games. There’s no doubt that skilled gamers are set to increase in the near future. We wonder if you’ll get to play for free first to hone your skills?

  1. Content that Entertains

Online casinos do what they must to keep their loyal players coming back day after day. That’s why many are adding nongaming content to their menus which includes everything from TV shows and films to music videos and more. They’re even planning to provide in-depth details of the plot for some of the online slot games.

  1. Gamification

The concept of gamification involves game thinking and game dynamics to involve you, the player, in the process of solving marketing tasks. We have no doubt that this concept is set to be a trend in online gaming this year and will provide a multitude of bonus programs, competitions and rewards to attract more players.

  1. Big Data

Big Data technology is not to be scoffed at. It’s all about the collection and storage of humongous amounts of information and for the online casino gaming industry, it’s an indispensable technology. With Big Data, the adaptation of games to the needs and interest of target players is provided in a far more effective way.

  1. Custom Online Slots

Custom slot creation is also set to soar this year. This new development in online gaming offers a competitive edge to operators and increases brand visibility.

  1. Messengers

With the rise of mobile gaming, it’s little surprise that convenient messengers are set to play a bigger role in 2018. Some operators have already created their own messenger casinos where they integrate the gaming platform in a messenger, allowing players to enjoy mobile gaming whenever and wherever they want to.

Which of these 8 online casino trends are you most looking forward to this year?

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