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Monday, 24 June 2024
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Web Apps vs Mobile Casino Apps – Which Do You Prefer?

mobile casino appsAs many of us spend our days sitting in front of a desktop computer, chained to a desk, the option of playing a round or two of poker or trying our luck at the pokies on the mobile casino apps is very appealing.

What’s the Difference Between Mobile Casino Apps and Web Apps?

Of course, the biggest difference is the opportunity to play for real money on the go – wherever you are and whenever you feel like it. To do so, you can download the mobile app from an online casino’s website, install it on your mobile device, and start playing. There are a few casinos that don’t have dedicated mobile apps, in which case you can usually play through your mobile device’s browser. All you need is a player account to get started.

If you live in a country where online gaming legislation is somewhat more liberal, then you likely have the option to download the mobile casino apps from the App or Play store.

Are the Games the Same on the Apps?

Yes. Most online casinos offer a slightly toned-down version of their full gaming menu. But, the majority of functionalities and features are exactly the same as the web-based casinos. For some games, though, the advantage of taking your favourite slots and table games with you everywhere comes at the expense of the quality of the graphics, and you may find that some mobile games aren’t as high-quality as their desktop browser or software counterparts.

Another difference between mobile casino and web apps is the collection of games. Typically, all the popular slots are available on the go, especially on NetEnt and Microgaming-powered platforms.

The Benefits of Playing Whenever and Wherever You Want To

Mobile casinos offer a myriad of benefits to enthusiastic players. As we’ve mentioned, the biggest advantage is being able to play for real money on your iOS or Apple device. You don’t have to wait to get back from work to join in the excitement of a game or try your hand at hitting that progressive jackpot. Just imagine winning a round or two of Blackjack during your tea break!

Apple’s operating system, particularly, runs well with mobile casino apps, making for ultra-smooth gameplay.

What’s more, most of the mobile apps offer enticing jackpots. You can also take advantage of the online casino’s bonuses and promotions and make deposits and withdrawals right in the palm of your hand.

If your preferred online casino offers loyalty bonuses and a points system, you will still accrue your points when playing games on your mobile device.

Are You Playing on the Move?

There’s no doubt that gaming software has improved drastically over the last few years. That’s why today’s mobile slots and other casino games are just as realistic as if you’d taken a trip to the Vegas strip. Best of all, the apps, games and transactions are just as safe and secure as when you play at the casino’s website.

Have you downloaded any casino apps lately?

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