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Monday, 15 July 2024
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Do Men Make Better Casino Game Players?

Does your gender matter when it comes to casino game skill?

Man versus woman is a concept that is been around since the days of Adam and Eve, but are men better casino game players than women? And, when it comes to playing at online casinos, does gender even make a difference?
We’ve had a look at the data and decided to share what we have discovered.

Oh, Man! Who Are the Better Casino Game Players?

We know that online casino gaming popularity has soared in the last couple of years, and today there are thousands of different reputable casinos, making it easier for men and women to play their favourite slots or table games from the comfort of home or the convenience of a mobile device.
Interestingly, men dominate in the number of online players. Reports show that just over eighty percent of men play casino games online, with just eighteen percent of women doing the same.
However, men reportedly lose an average of just over £3,500 per year to online gaming – or three pints of larger a day, to put into perspective. On the other hand, women lose around £2,700 per year to online casinos – or around ten pairs of coveted Jimmy Choo shoes a year.
As for time spent online, men spend an average of fourteen months of a lifetime playing at online casinos, whereas women spend just over twenty one months on average in a life time playing at online casinos.
Wondering about age groups? Male gamers tend to be around thirty-three years old, the perfect time in life when salaries begin to stretch a little further. Females, on the other hand, are around twenty-nine years old, about the average age a women first gives birth in the UK. What’s more, it is said that women prefer to leave fate up to the roulette wheel whereas men also place roulette at the top of their list with blackjack coming in second best.
What about spending? Men seem to think that the average wagering deposit of £94 is acceptable (that equates to nearly 25 Xbox games per year). Women, though, think nothing of spending nearly £100 on a haircut but tend to be more conservative when it comes to wagering, spending an average of £67 on casino deposits.

So, What’s the Answer?

From these numbers, we can make a couple of conclusions.
While men tend to play more often than women, they’re also willing to spend more money on their deposits. Men are also less likely to play games of chance, like slots, while women prefer to spin the reels of the slot machines and are more frugal with their deposits and wagering.
Looking at these figures, we’d like to say that women may well be better online casino gamers than men, but, we’ll let you make your own conclusions!
After all, you could be the exception when it comes to deposits and preferred games, right?