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Tuesday, 18 June 2024
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Progressive Jackpots

progressive jackpotsProgressive Jackpots are the holy grail for online pokies players. A player could potentially win a life-changing cash prize with one spin.

The idea’s simple–Progressive Pokies Jackpots take a fraction of each losing player’s bet and add it to an increasingly growing jackpot. A player typically wins one of these huge prizes every seven months. Similar to a rollover lotto, one lucky player will hit the right combination at some point and take home the life-changing prize.

Another feature Progressive slots Jackpots share with any lotto are their odds. The probability of winning is 1 in 13,983,816. But with a tiny percentage of each coin played feeding the jackpot and more chances of winning per hour, playing online pokies is much more exciting. And it’s more fun.

It won’t be hard to find a progressive slots jackpot as online casinos put these popular competitions at centre stage. Check out upcoming Progressive Jackpots below and read on for some jackpot tips.


Playing Progressive Jackpots

There isn’t too much skill required to place a bet on a progressive Jackpot. It really is luck of the draw but we have a few tips that might bring you closer to the gold.

Place the Maximum Wager—If you want to win the maximum jackpot you usually have to place the maximum bet, so make sure you check out the game rules before you start playing. This can eat up your bankroll fast so bet within your limits.

Don’t chase losses – the same basic principles of any gambling still apply to progressive jackpot games. Players can get carried away by the dream of becoming an instant millionaire. The odds of you winning a large network progressive jackpot about the same as the odds of getting struck by lightning, so stay within your budget and just have fun.

Play for free first – we always recommend getting a feel for any game by getting a feel for it with free play and progressive jackpots are no different. Before placing maximum bets with real money familiarise yourself with paylines and practice your strategy.

Here are some of the most famous progressive Jackpots that have proven to be big winners in the past:

  • Mega Moolah   In December 2012 one lucky player won $9.5 million on Mega Moolah. This popular game  offers many engaging themes and is available on both mobile and desktop.
  • The Incredible Hulk  This is a fantastic Playtech game in partnership with Marvel whose highest win ever was $1.36 million.
  • King Cashalot  This knight-themed pokies game pays out $700,000 on average. The highest ever win was  $1.5 million.
  • Major Millions This progressive is popular because of its military theme. The average payout for big winners is $600,000.

Progressive jackpots are hugely entertaining to play and potentially life changing to win, so make sure you take this opportunity to turn your dreams into reality.