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Tuesday, 18 June 2024
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Aristocrat offer one of the Top 3 TV Pokies Games

The Top 3 TV Pokies Games of All Time

Two Top Software Providers Battle It Out in 2018 – NetEnt v Microgaming

Two Top Software Providers Battle It Out in 2018 – NetEnt v Microgaming

It’s estimated that the global online casino market was worth $47 billion in 2017. As the online casino industry continues to expand year on year, hundreds of pokies games are released by the top software developers annually. So, it’s no wonder that online casino pokies makers look to popular culture to inspire new games. Movie franchises, iconic bands and of course television shows are all prime content for game developers to mine. Seeing as we’re currently in the Golden Age of Television, we thought we’d take a look at the Top 3 TV pokies games on the market.

 3 Best TV Themed Pokies Games

International media is no stranger to creating lucrative partnerships to expand their reach and engage their audiences even further. With video pokies becoming more immersive and technologically advanced, we’d say hit TV shows, and pokies games are a match made in heaven, without further ado, let’s introduce you to the Top TV shows that were made into the Top 3 TV pokies games.

Game of Thrones

This list couldn’t begin with any other TV show and its excellent online pokies counterpart. Game of Thrones has been the most watched TV show ever created since its inception on HBO in 2011. Based on the fantasy novels by George R.R. Martin Game of Thrones, focuses on the fight for power in a brutal, magical world. GOT is such a global phenomenon that the pokies version had to do it justice. This Microgaming game is at the cutting edge of casino software. Fantastic graphics and animations, wilds, scatters, free spins and generous multipliers make this a genuinely immersive casino game. There are plenty of special bonuses to take advantage of on these five reels and much like in Westeros; you have 243 ways to win and many more ways to die.


Kiefer Sutherland brought Agent Jack Bauer to life in this hit Fox TV series. What made 24 so ground-breaking was the action playing out in almost real-time as this counterterrorist CIA agent was tasked with solving heinous terrorist acts within 24 hours. The show lasted from 2001 to 2004, so that’s nine seasons of crime-solving fun if you haven’t caught this show yet. There’s also a new spinoff series called 24: Legacy with a new protagonist.

Top 3 TV Pokies Games - Gaming Giant; iSoft Bet
The pokies game was created by iSoft Bet, and they’ve recreated the h-tech feel of the show with excellent graphics, a soundtrack based on the series and commands from Agent Jack Bauer will guide you through the gameplay.

The Walking Dead

Zombies got a modern makeover in The Walking Dead, which has lasted for eight seasons and created some spinoffs. Less about the zombies themselves, this shows real attraction was the human dynamics of people fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic world. AMC is known for producing top-quality drama, think Breaking Bad and The Americans. In a world ravaged by a deadly virus, each episode sees Rick Grimes and his unlikely cohorts facing down monsters both within and outside their group. Viewers have been on the edge of their seat, and the pokies game is as thrilling. This Aristocrat Gaming pokies game is as volatile as the show it’s based on. Excellent graphics, scenes from the show and the chance to win a jackpot of $50,000 will keep you spinning.