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Sunday, 23 June 2024
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Progressive Jackpot facts for Slots Fans

Fun Facts about Progressive Jackpots

Mega Moolah Progressive Slot

Mega Moolah Progressive Slot

Who doesn’t love progressive jackpots? If you’re a fan of slots, it’s most likely you’ve played progressive slot games at some point. In fact, some people play progressive games exclusively.

With progressive jackpot slots being the most popular casino games, there’s so much information available on how they work and how you can play. But we think we’ve come up with a few little-known facts about those ever-popular casino games. Take a look at our progressive jackpot facts.

What’s a Progressive Slot Seed Value?

So, we all know that progressive slots grow and grow the more people who play until eventually the ever-growing jackpot is scooped by one lucky player. However, at that point, the jackpot resets and it goes back to the seed value.

The reason you should make yourself aware of this, is that the reset seed value is different for every progressive jackpot. Some progressive slot jackpots will reset at a really low seed value, but a famous jackpot like Microgaming’s Mega Moolah resets to 1 million which is still a pretty nice amount.

Surprise Jackpots

Winning that all important, massive jackpot is one of the main reasons we play progressive games in the first place. But what if I told you there are certain games who throw in additional games. You can win these randomly on some paylines. Playtech have a lot of slot games that throw in these random games if you like surprises.

Multiple Versions of the Same Slot Game

Microgaming are good for offering a lot of variation within their slot games. For instance, within the same pokie you might be able to play either a three-reel version or a 5-reel version of the same game.

Maximum Paylines and Maximum Bets

Some of the more mature progressive slot games are best played if you play the maximum number of paylines and place the highest bet. This is the only way you can win the jackpot. So you should check paytable of the online slot game and make sure you play the max bet on the max amount of paylines to be in with a chance of winning the life-changing prize.

There’s a Progressive Jackpot Won Daily Around the World

That’s right, there’s a progressive jackpot won every day. It could take months for some of the most popular progressives to be won. But there are so many progressive jackpot games and some of these offer several jackpots per game. So even if you don’t win the mega cash prize, these games are paying out daily.

Our advice is that you should always pick progressive slot games that have more than one jackpot for better odds.

How are Your Mega Millions Paid?

Most people will take the big cheque and run, but you can get your massive winnings paid out in instalments if you’re more of the prudent type. Just take a look at the game’s Terms and Conditions! Microgaming progressive jackpots generally pay out the winnings to you in a single cashout.