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Monday, 15 July 2024
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Don’t Abuse That Online Casino Bonus!

Don’t Abuse That Online Casino Bonus!

There’s good reason for generous online casino bonuses. Operators offer the bonuses to present and prospective players to attract attention and encourage you to play more of your favourite games. They’re a great way to leverage the benefits on offer. But, for a bonus to be valid, you must play it before it expires.

Did you know, though, that bonuses can be a double-edged sword? And with a crackdown on regulations, things can get even more confusing for both you and the casino operator. While most players do use bonuses in line with the terms and conditions, there are those who abuse them. And casinos know it – they’ll tag you as a bonus abuser!

Let’s face it, the terms and conditions can be confusing. So, don’t become a mistaken bonus abuser. Follow these tips to stay out of trouble the next time you want to use a bonus for free spins or to try out the latest roulette game.

Don’t Open Different Accounts to Use That Online Casino Bonus

Players try to create multiple accounts at the same casino to claim the welcome bonus or other promotions more than once. Players try to use different email addresses in an effort to con the operator.

This is a violation of the casinos’ terms and conditions and you stand to be penalised. Keep in mind that casinos have various ways to identify players who open multiple accounts. Don’t stress if your friend of partner logs into his or her account from your device, though, as the casino usually gives you a chance to explain before taking action.

Always Comply with Wagering Requirements

Every online casino imposes mandatory rollover terms about the withdrawal of your bonus funds. Be aware of these terms and comply with them or you might just have your account suspended. If you fail to follow the wagering requirements and attempt to withdraw the bonus funds, you’re not going to get the required approval. Chances are, you’ll be banned from the site.

Don’t Claim a Bonus More Than Once

Typically, you can only use a bonus once. But, some players claim the same bonus more than once, in total violation of the rules. The casinos do pick up on this and flag the play as a bonus abuser. There are times when a player may well slip through the stringent security measures and get the same bonus twice, but it’s really not worth the trouble – which includes penalties.

Use the Bonus of Eligible Games

There are those games where free bonus money may not be used as wagering money. This is because there’s a higher chance of winning at the games and the casino really doesn’t want to throw free money at you if you play those games. So, bonuses are usually restricted to certain games and you must use your money on the specified games only.

The takeaway here is to never exploit a loophole. Online casinos do find out, and they will penalise you and suspend your account. Make sure you read a bonus’s terms and conditions carefully to prevent being branded a bonus abuser.

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