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Tuesday, 18 June 2024
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8 Fun Online Casino Gaming Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

online casino gaming8 Fun Online Casino Gaming Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

While you may love the graphics, sounds and the sheer thrill of today’s pokies, video poker and incredibly immersive roulette tables, gaming is one of the oldest activities known to man. In fact, it probably began back when one caveman offered another a shiny rock in exchange for safety from a sabre tooth tiger. Since those days it’s evolved significantly, especially in terms of online casino gaming. So, let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon and a couple of rather surprising statistics.

A Look at Online Casino Gaming Numbers

This year, the online gaming industry is expected to cross $50 billion. That’s impressive, right? Well, it’s actually a small amount when we consider that the global gaming market is $450 billion and is expected to swell to $511 billion by next year.

The growth of the online sector is incredible. In the UK, it’s already the number one form of casino gaming. Today, there are thousands of online casino operators vying for your NZ Dollars. Whether it’s a brand-new online casino enticing you to sign up with great bonuses and promotions or one that’s been around for years and continues to add a great range of pokies and casual games, there are unlimited options.

Naturally, classics like blackjack and poker attract big crowds, but pokies are just as popular, offering a sensational visual experience to go with amazing jackpots, especially when we consider the progressive jackpots.

Interesting Statistics from the Online Casino World

Let’s look at a couple more fascinating numbers from online casinos:

  • Poker and bingo went online way back in 1998
  • Kiwi players are big spenders, spending more than $2 billion annually on gaming habits (this figure includes land-based casinos)
  • In 2005, researchers from Washington University discovered that 4.2 billion people around the globe have played casino games at some point
  • Land-based casinos didn’t want anything to do with online gaming at first, feeling it would take away business from them. Things are changing, though, with more casinos beginning to offer an online experience carefully blended with their physical model.
  • In 2013, the research found that 57% of all online casino players in America are women.
  • The New Zealand Gambling Act was introduced in 2003 in an attempt to ban online casino gaming and to regulate remote interactive gaming in the country. It also aimed to ban operators from promoting most forms of online gaming. But, it remained legal for Kiwi players to play online casino games.
  • Today, top New Zealand casinos are controlled and regulated by foreign operators and licensed by the major licensing jurisdictions in the world.
  • New Zealand has one of the lowest gaming addiction and problem rates on the globe.

Kiwis Love Their Games

Today, online gaming in New Zealand continues to grow in popularity. It’s a legitimate business, with many of the top casino operators accepting Kiwi players.

Those top casinos are powered by renowned software providers like NetEnt and Microgaming, making online casino gaming a convenient, rewarding and reliable experience.